This is just one of the contestants for Gold Rush Top Model: Meet Katie Young!

Mother Lode Idol & Top Model

My name is Katie Young and I want to be the Gold Rush Top Model!

A few of my hobbies are climbing, dancing, painting watercolors, and reading. I love doing anything new and exciting.

I’ve done quite a bit of non-profit and community work. I’m on the Tuolumne County Youth Board of Supervisors and have been for 3 years now. As I said, climbing is one of my hobbies so I started and run the climbing club at Summerville High School. And I have also volunteered my time with the Summerville High School Foundation, Habitat for Humanity and at other small community events.

I love sports and participate in many of them. My biggest sports would be climbing and volleyball. I’ve played volleyball for 6 years, and been climbing since I was very small. In the past I’ve done softball, 10 years of gymnastics and quite a bit of horseback riding.

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Great blog by Joleen Willis Photography! And the bride was fabulous too!

Megan and Wesley found their beginning many years ago at Knott’s Berry Farm. She was fearful of the scary rides, when Wesley slyly offered relief by his hand to hold, and his strong frame to hide behind. Since that night of carnival rides, Wesley seemed to become a permanent fixture in Megan’s home. It became official when Wesley crafted a giant, hand-drawn sign, asking, “Megan, will you be my girl?” Since that day in 2006, they have been the constant in each other’s lives, even over YEARS of long distance. Wesley proposed on a trip down south, to the Boone Plantation, the setting of the movie The Notebook. Megan fumbled with setting the camera timer for a few candid shots, when Wesley insisted she give him a try. He stealthily set the camera to video record, as he approached Megan to pull out her engagement ring. Megan was still concerned…

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What are Bridal Bibs? When planning a wedding, we do our very best to think of every detail. We imagine everything that could possibly go wrong on our wedding day, and we do our best to plan for all of those possibilities.

Despite our best planning, many brides fail to address one very important possibility. This possibility that I am referring to is the possibility that their wedding dress may become stained during the reception dinner. While all brides are certainly capable of keeping their food off of their clothes when wearing their normal attire, a wedding gown is anything but normal attire. The extra fabric used to make these elegant gowns can make eating quite a daunting task.

Luckily, there is a way that you can prevent your wedding gown from   becoming  stained without having to worry about tarnishing your exquisite  appearance. The solution I am referring to is

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The Beauty of Your Wedding Day-Making Everything Work Together


Beautiful…isn’t it?! Shouldn’t everything “mesh” well together…or not?


The Dress of Your Dreams and Your Huge Up-style…Classy?


My What Pretty…Black Eyes You Have?

Years down the road you don’t want to look back at your wedding photos and say, “What was I thinking?!?!”. You want to look fabulous on your big day, but that doesn’t mean you should look unrecognizable Many brides decide on these elaborate up-styles and yet they NEVER wear their hair up. Other brides get stuck with a heavy handed makeup artist who probably failed to ask all the “right” questions before she started applying the “mask of makeup”. I always suggest playing around with your looks. Think about your dress, your venue, your wedding theme and your own personal everyday style. Let’s take a moment and look at some extremes. Imagine this beautiful, vintage/rustic/outdoor wedding (pictured above), and your big poofy dress, with sky-high hair and dark rimmed eyes and pale skin (I’m thinking that makeup look is more for a ‘True Blood’ themed wedding, just saying). I know everyone has their own taste and ideas-so no offense to anyone who DOES like this as a complete look! But in my mind’s eye, everything should compliment everything else and come together easily and not be forced.

Think about all the details of your big day-tear pictures out of magazines, create an inspiration board, look up other photographers work. Make sure when you’re getting ready for your trials you have all your questions prepared for the stylist and/or makeup artist (as they should have questions for you as well). Have color swatches, a photo of your dress and a description of your venue and theme handy.And when all is said and done (with your trial), if you don’t like what you see-speak up! It is your day! I’m not giving permission to be a Bridezilla, but if the look is way off or you just don’t feel comfortable, say something. Sometimes it does mean finding someone else. This doesn’t just pertain to hair and makeup-it covers all aspects of your wedding. You know yourself and your future husband best, you know what works for you and what doesn’t. Know what you want, say what you want and most of all enjoy planning YOUR big day!


All the Right Elements Combined-Perfection!

With all this said, this last photo captures everything-and it all makes beautiful “sense”. Everything blends well and goes together. There is not one thing that stands out too much or is an “eye sore”. It’s all in perfect harmony and this is a photo that will be cherished forever. I could never imagine hearing, “Wow! That is sooo 2012!” All styles come and go, but when everything compliments each other it’s often hard to nitpick.This photo (at least to me) will forever be timeless.


Since we are in the business of protecting your wedding gown – here are some suggestions:

There are websites dedicated to emergency wedding dress stain removal. Here is an article from

Planning Can Protect Your Wedding Dress Investment

A wedding dress is usually one of the more expensive investments in a wedding. It is also something that you will cherish for years to come. Just a bit of planning will help keep your dress looking beautiful. Many bridal shops will hold your gown at their facility until just a few days before the wedding. But no matter whether you bring your dress home six months before the day or six days, proper storage is important to prevent staining. If storing your dress for less than six months, hang it on a padded hanger in a closet away from direct sunlight, leaving several feet of space on either side to…

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