Madi + Jeremiah =Frankenstein & His Bride:: Sonora Stylized Engagement Shoot

Madi + Jeremiah =Frankenstein & His Bride:: Sonora Stylized Engagement Shoot.


Meet Gold Rush Top Model Contestant: Sienna Lampi!

Mother Lode Idol & Top Model

My name is Sienna Lampi and I want to be the Gold Rush Top Model!

Some of my hobbies include dressage, golf, running, drawing, and singing. I love trying new and exciting things!

I have done some non-profit work. I was part of the Students for the Future club at Sonora High School and helped rid the school of litter. I also volunteered at the Sonora Regional Medical Center as a First Responder.

I have been in a number of different sports, and I loved them all. I play basketball, softball, soccer, ultimate frisbee, I swim competetively, I golf, and I love to ride horses.

I currently work at Flying R Ranch and have been working there since I was 11. I love every minute that I get to work with the horses! My dream job is to be a paramedic.

I am currently a Senior at Sonora High School.

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Meet Gold Rush Top Model Contestant: Denicka Vaca!

Mother Lode Idol & Top Model

My name is Denicka Vaca and I want to be the Gold Rush Top Model!

I enjoy cooking, fashions for hair, makeup and nails, choreography, and dancing.  I have enjoyed fundraising for local non-profits doing car washes, pancake breakfasts, doing volunteer work at retirement homes.  I have participated in the Tuolumne County Pageant, holiday parades, and fashion shows for causes such as skin cancer awareness.

My favorite activities include dance, ballet, jazz, and jazz, hiphop and lyrical dance.  I am a dance instructor and I also work in a daycare.  My dream career is to work in the medical field.  I am currently in school at Sonora Union High School, looking forward to what the future holds.

I have a great personality and a passion for dance.  I love my family and have a special cconnection with children.

I want to participate in Gold Rush Top Model because I love…

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Meet Gold Rush Top Model: Fantasia Baker!

Mother Lode Idol & Top Model

My name is Fantasia Baker and I want to be the Gold Rush Top Model!

Some of my favorite things to do are mostly singing when no one else is around. My absolute favorite hobby is painting. I can’t say I am Picasso, but I make a good effort. The last year or so I have become more involved with planting. Being able to watch plants grow with the help of my little green thumb is astonishing. Some of my favorite activitiess are swimming, hiking, horse back riding, boating, camping, and anything to do with being outdoors. I also am really fond of road trips, and site seeing all the beautiful places this world has to offer. On the other hand I do enjoy the bumpy ride of dirt biking, just not the falling off part (Note to self).

Growing up with manners and morals I have learned to lend…

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Gold Rush Top Model Contestant: Madisyn!

Mother Lode Idol & Top Model

My name is Madisyn Booth and I want to be the Gold Rush Top Model!

I’m about the silliest, most artsy fartsy,confident teenager you’ll ever meet! I’m constantly drawing, painting, sculpting and making movies with my friends! I love anything to with creativity.

I hope to one day be a special effects make-up artist, I’ve dreamt of it since the 3rd grade! But truly anything that has me in an art studio all day, I’d love!

I’m a senior at Summerville art academy, and have all my friends near and dear to me there.

I am a horrible clutz and could use more than a little practice when it comes to athletics! I hope to one day travel all over, and experience as many cultures as possible! I love to meet new people and try new things, that’s why I’m trying modeling! And so far I adore it!!!

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Meet Gold Rush Top Model Contestant: Brittany Childress!

Mother Lode Idol & Top Model

My name is Brittany Childress and I want to be the Gold Rush Top Model!

My hobbies currently include traveling, paddle boarding, attending sporting events and enjoying time with my family and boyfriend.

I have volunteered for a local vet clinic in Indiana, when I was living there, as well as the local animal shelter. I also started an online pet rescuing service a few years back in which I would find death row dogs and find reputable rescues or loving homes for them to be rescued, as well as fundraising raffles where I would find businesses to donate items for online raffles. All money raised was used for adoption fees, spay/neuter, and vet fees for the pets rescued.

Since moving to California, I have been on the Junior Steering Committee for the local chapter of the National Marfan Foundation which helped with fundraiser (I have Marfan Syndrome so this…

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Meet Gold Rush Top Model Contestant: Sierra Lawrence!

Mother Lode Idol & Top Model

My name is Sierra Lawrence and I want to be the Gold Rush Top Model!

I really enjoy the outdoors.  I especially look forward to going to the river to go fishing every chance I get.  Going camping is always on my to do list.  When I’m not spending my time outdoors I love spending time with my wonderful family.

I volunteered at Calaveras Resource Connection Angels Camp Head Start State Pre-School.   I volunteered there for three weeks and it turned into a part-time job after school!  After my experience working at Head Start Preschool, I plan on continuing my education in early childhood development and becoming a preschool teacher.

I’ve played softball since I was old enough to pick up a glove which was about five years old.  I currently play for the Vallecito high School softball team where I am currently a student.

I want people to know…

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Meet Gold Rush Top Model Contestant: Kortni Gheri!

Mother Lode Idol & Top Model

I am Kortni Gehri and I want to be the Gold Rush Top Model!

I am a very adventurous person and have always loved being active, especially in the outdoors. I really enjoy traveling, photography, cooking, boating and hiking.  I played water polo in high school and now I enjoy spending summer day’s wakeboarding and swimming. I am blessed to be healthy enough to participate in Gold Rush Top Model, due to an organ transplant that saved my life a year ago. I had two back to back liver transplants 4 days apart, after the half liver my sister donated to me failed. Because of the selfless gift of an unknown donor, I have become an Ambassador with Donate Life California. As an ambassador I mentored a high school senior with her senior project, presenting the idea of organ donation awareness to her entire high school. It was a great success…

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Gold Rush Top Model Contestant: Ilene Rocha!

Mother Lode Idol & Top Model

My name is Ilene Rocha and I want to be the Gold Rush Top Model!

My hobbies include drawing, singing, dirt bike riding, hiking, fishing, swimming, running, and fashion.  I enjoy volunteering for 4h, Christian Heights nursery, pregnancy center dinner server, christian heights singer/choir, Sonora High Sports Medicine, mounted dream center theraputic riding, and being a nanny/ babysitter.  I also enjoy soccer and volleyball.

I’ve always wanted to be model but i have also thought about being an artist.  I currently attend Sonora Union High School.

I love trying new things and meeting new people, I like being creative and try to find new ideas with makeup and hair.  I would like to participate in the Gold Rush Top Model because its something new and also something that I’ve always wanted to do and hopefully it will go farther and  become a future career for me.

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This is just one of the contestants for Gold Rush Top Model: Meet Katie Young!

Mother Lode Idol & Top Model

My name is Katie Young and I want to be the Gold Rush Top Model!

A few of my hobbies are climbing, dancing, painting watercolors, and reading. I love doing anything new and exciting.

I’ve done quite a bit of non-profit and community work. I’m on the Tuolumne County Youth Board of Supervisors and have been for 3 years now. As I said, climbing is one of my hobbies so I started and run the climbing club at Summerville High School. And I have also volunteered my time with the Summerville High School Foundation, Habitat for Humanity and at other small community events.

I love sports and participate in many of them. My biggest sports would be climbing and volleyball. I’ve played volleyball for 6 years, and been climbing since I was very small. In the past I’ve done softball, 10 years of gymnastics and quite a bit of horseback riding.

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