Lazy Z Wedding Photography ~ Blain & Michelle

Lazy Z Wedding Photography ~ Blain & Michelle.


The Beauty of Your Wedding Day-Making Everything Work Together


Beautiful…isn’t it?! Shouldn’t everything “mesh” well together…or not?


The Dress of Your Dreams and Your Huge Up-style…Classy?


My What Pretty…Black Eyes You Have?

Years down the road you don’t want to look back at your wedding photos and say, “What was I thinking?!?!”. You want to look fabulous on your big day, but that doesn’t mean you should look unrecognizable Many brides decide on these elaborate up-styles and yet they NEVER wear their hair up. Other brides get stuck with a heavy handed makeup artist who probably failed to ask all the “right” questions before she started applying the “mask of makeup”. I always suggest playing around with your looks. Think about your dress, your venue, your wedding theme and your own personal everyday style.┬áLet’s take a moment and look at some extremes. Imagine this beautiful, vintage/rustic/outdoor wedding (pictured above), and your big poofy dress, with sky-high hair and dark rimmed eyes and pale skin (I’m thinking that makeup look is more for a ‘True Blood’ themed wedding, just saying). I know everyone has their own taste and ideas-so no offense to anyone who DOES like this as a complete look! But in my mind’s eye, everything should compliment everything else and come together easily and not be forced.

Think about all the details of your big day-tear pictures out of magazines, create an inspiration board, look up other photographers work. Make sure when you’re getting ready for your trials you have all your questions prepared for the stylist and/or makeup artist (as they should have questions for you as well). Have color swatches, a photo of your dress and a description of your venue and theme handy.And when all is said and done (with your trial), if you don’t like what you see-speak up! It is your day! I’m not giving permission to be a Bridezilla, but if the look is way off or you just don’t feel comfortable, say something. Sometimes it does mean finding someone else. This doesn’t just pertain to hair and makeup-it covers all aspects of your wedding. You know yourself and your future husband best, you know what works for you and what doesn’t. Know what you want, say what you want and most of all enjoy planning YOUR big day!


All the Right Elements Combined-Perfection!

With all this said, this last photo captures everything-and it all makes beautiful “sense”. Everything blends well and goes together. There is not one thing that stands out too much or is an “eye sore”. It’s all in perfect harmony and this is a photo that will be cherished forever. I could never imagine hearing, “Wow! That is sooo 2012!” All styles come and go, but when everything compliments each other it’s often hard to nitpick.This photo (at least to me) will forever be timeless.

Airbrush Makeup: The Facts

Image*What is airbrush makeup? Airbrushing is a specialty makeup application technique that utilizes compressed air through an “airbrush” with drops of color (foundation) to spray a light, super fine mist of makeup onto the desired area.


No Makeup

*What are the benefits of Airbrush Makeup? Airbrush makeup provides flawless coverage by minimizing skin imperfections while giving skin a beautifully natural finished look. Most clients say they feel as if they aren’t even wearing makeup because the makeup is exceptionally lightweight. Airbrush makeup is also water resistant (not too many worries on a hot day or if you shed some tears). Tattoos, scars, and skin imperfections can be concealed with this makeup technique. Many photographers have commented that the airbrushing does such a great job at “hiding imperfections” that it saves them time editing their images to conceal a blemish or tattoo since the makeup has it covered.


Traditional/'Regular' Makeup

*Can Airbrush Makeup be used on everyone? Yes, Airbrush makeup is suitable for women of all ages and skin types. The makeup is hypoallergenic and fragrance free.

*How long does the makeup last? 18+ hours. On my wedding day I was really bad and I ended up leaving my makeup on for 36 hours (only re-touching my lipstick) its a BIG no-no, but at least I can say it truly lasted!


Airbrushed Makeup

Airbrush Makeup is the perfect choice for weddings, formal events, photography sessions or anytime you want to look perfectly flawless!

**Please note: NO models were tortured in the making of this blog. All photos are of me.

Bridal Beauty Boot Camp-Skin Care Basics

ImageWhat does every bride dream of on her big day-aside from the obvious (marrying the man of her dreams)-looking and feeling beautiful! Whether wearing makeup is your “thing” or not-flawless, beautiful, glowing skin is always in! So lace up your boots and lets get down to beauty business!

Exercise #1: Finding Your Skin Type

*Normal-smooth texture, few or no blemishes, fine to medium sized pores.

*Dry-often lacking in moisture and feels tight the skin may flake or peel at times.Tends to be sensitive to changes in climate.

*Oily-The over production of sebum (oil) that tends to make the face shine and have a wet appearance. Skin tends to have enlarged pores and is often prone to more blemishes and blackheads than any other skin type.

*Combination-Oily T-zone (forehead, nose and chin) cheeks and eye area are often lacking moisture and may feel tight or dry, fine lines may appear around the eyes.

Sensitive-usually reacts to products because of allergies or a underlying skin disorder. Often times causing the skin to break out in a rash, blemishes, itching and burning after applying topical lotions and creams.

Exercise #2: Finding AND Using the Correct Products for Your Skin Type

*This is where I like to bring a skin care professional in, at least for the first time to help determine your correct skin type and skin care options. If you’re in the Tuloumne County area you might want to make an appointment and meet with Moni Abalos (Licensed Esthetician and Skin Care Expert). You can contact her at (209) 768-0299 or

You will need the “basics”: Cleanser, Exfoliator (not to be used everyday), Moisturizer and Sun Block (use EVERYDAY). I personally recommend an eye cream-but some people believe that their regular moisturizer is enough-to each their own!

Exercise #3: Eat, Drink, Sleep and Be Married!

*Eat as healthy as possible (I know its really hard to do when you’re planning your wedding because you have tastings and meetings and are always on the go-throw everyday life into the mix and it seems like fast food is the only way to go. Don’t Do It-resist the urge!!!). Not only is eating good for your skin-its to help you to continue to fit into your wedding dress!

*Drink 6-8 glasses of water a day. It helps flush toxins from your body, in turn helping prevent as many breakouts. Drinking water in large amounts has also been proven to help with certain skin disorders such as eczema and psoriasis.Water can also help with puffy eyes and dark circles (not the hereditary ones though). You should avoid caffeinated drinks and alcohol because they dehydrate you. No bueno!

*Sleep helps boost a radiant complexion, promotes cell turnover, and helps your body repair itself. Guess calling it “beauty sleep” is a good idea! 8 hours of sleep is ideal, but I know a lot of people find this hard to do. But think of the benefits: no puffy eyes, glowing skin AND you feel refreshed!

Exercise #4: Don’t quit your beauty routine after you’re married-keep it going! You want to always put your best face forward…don’t you?