Bridal Beauty Boot Camp-Skin Care Basics

ImageWhat does every bride dream of on her big day-aside from the obvious (marrying the man of her dreams)-looking and feeling beautiful! Whether wearing makeup is your “thing” or not-flawless, beautiful, glowing skin is always in! So lace up your boots and lets get down to beauty business!

Exercise #1: Finding Your Skin Type

*Normal-smooth texture, few or no blemishes, fine to medium sized pores.

*Dry-often lacking in moisture and feels tight the skin may flake or peel at times.Tends to be sensitive to changes in climate.

*Oily-The over production of sebum (oil) that tends to make the face shine and have a wet appearance. Skin tends to have enlarged pores and is often prone to more blemishes and blackheads than any other skin type.

*Combination-Oily T-zone (forehead, nose and chin) cheeks and eye area are often lacking moisture and may feel tight or dry, fine lines may appear around the eyes.

Sensitive-usually reacts to products because of allergies or a underlying skin disorder. Often times causing the skin to break out in a rash, blemishes, itching and burning after applying topical lotions and creams.

Exercise #2: Finding AND Using the Correct Products for Your Skin Type

*This is where I like to bring a skin care professional in, at least for the first time to help determine your correct skin type and skin care options. If you’re in the Tuloumne County area you might want to make an appointment and meet with Moni Abalos (Licensed Esthetician and Skin Care Expert). You can contact her at (209) 768-0299 or

You will need the “basics”: Cleanser, Exfoliator (not to be used everyday), Moisturizer and Sun Block (use EVERYDAY). I personally recommend an eye cream-but some people believe that their regular moisturizer is enough-to each their own!

Exercise #3: Eat, Drink, Sleep and Be Married!

*Eat as healthy as possible (I know its really hard to do when you’re planning your wedding because you have tastings and meetings and are always on the go-throw everyday life into the mix and it seems like fast food is the only way to go. Don’t Do It-resist the urge!!!). Not only is eating good for your skin-its to help you to continue to fit into your wedding dress!

*Drink 6-8 glasses of water a day. It helps flush toxins from your body, in turn helping prevent as many breakouts. Drinking water in large amounts has also been proven to help with certain skin disorders such as eczema and psoriasis.Water can also help with puffy eyes and dark circles (not the hereditary ones though). You should avoid caffeinated drinks and alcohol because they dehydrate you. No bueno!

*Sleep helps boost a radiant complexion, promotes cell turnover, and helps your body repair itself. Guess calling it “beauty sleep” is a good idea! 8 hours of sleep is ideal, but I know a lot of people find this hard to do. But think of the benefits: no puffy eyes, glowing skin AND you feel refreshed!

Exercise #4: Don’t quit your beauty routine after you’re married-keep it going! You want to always put your best face forward…don’t you?


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